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Now that you have nearly finished your online training, we will look at the classroom lesson you will complete with your instructor. In the classroom, your instructor will review some of the subjects and you will have plenty of time to practice the skills that have been demonstrated during your online course.

Your instructor will assess your skills and you will need to pass each assessment to receive your qualification, don't worry your instructor will be there to help and guide you and will give you more time to practice if you need it.

You must take a copy of the certificate for your online training with you to the classroom and give to your instructor to prove that you have completed your online course.

Remember you must complete both the online and classroom course within the maximum time period that we discussed at the beginning of your course.

We recommend that you wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes and sensible footwear as there are practical exercises, please tell your instructor if you have any physical conditions that could be made worse by completing any of the practical exercises required for this course.

Remember you can watch the videos again before your classroom course, this will help to keep things fresh in your mind, ready for when you practice your skills.

Before you attend the practical session, download and complete the open response test. This will save time on a practical day and give your instructor more time to mark your paper during the course.

If you have any questions or you require any special assistance contact your instructor we hope you enjoy putting your new skills into practice.